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We offer skull refurbishing.

For those skulls on your shelf that need new life, we are here! 

Taxidermists don't take the time to clean skulls properly because it's not where their income comes from. We specialize in skulls and only clean skulls. We take pride in our immaculately cleaned and whitened skulls. It's is our specialty. Though our skulls will never need to be redone, there are many that will. We fully refinish previously cleaned skulls with incredible results. Have a look at this before and after, this bear skull was boiled by a taxidermist years ago. When recleaning this skull and large amount of blood, bug larva and tissue was removed. This skulls was attracting insects to the home and surrounding taxidermy mounts. Not any more! This skull is now impeccably clean and brilliantly white. 

Contacts us with your project ideas! 


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