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Office: 250-832-5508

Cell: 250-803-3332



WE ACCEPT ITEMS BY BUS (some items may be accepted by mail)

-Freeze item to be cleaned and place in a leak proof plastic bag or two. 

-Place frozen item in cardboard box or tote with personal information.

-Fill box or tote with insulated packing such as Styrofoam or shredded paper. 

-Ship by bus or mail *we must be notified prior to shipping*










Items can be dropped off for cleaning during the day or evening. Please contact us before delivering items. 


Please contact us by phone or email with all your beetle cleaning inquiries.

We look forward to serving you!




Salmon Arm European mount Taxidermist, beetle skull cleaning, hunting BC
Salmonn Arm BC Taxidermy, European mount beelte skull cleaning hunting BC
Salmon Arm European Mount Taxidermist, beetle skull clleaning, hunting BC grizzly bear,
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