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Prices are based on prepared skulls, if you would like us to prepare the skull for you we charge $40/hr. 

Ask for a quote by phone or email.


We also offer "just beetle cleaning" at a discounted rate. With this option you can choose to have the skull simply beetle cleaned or you can choose to have it cleaned and degreased but not whitened. Call or email with your project ideas.   

Price List- Current 2023

$100- minimum charge, grouse, rodent


$160 - bobcat, lynx, coyote other similar size skulls

$260 - deer, bear, wolf, cougar

$360 - polar bear, grizzly, wild goat, domestic goat/sheep

$500 - moose, elk, caribou, wild sheep, domestic cow, bison

$560 - muskox


Prep $40-$60 per animal (example: deer $300 for euro with full prep)


Price includes a cable loop installed in the back of European mounts for secure wall hanging.

Wall brackets and plaques are available, ask about options.




*Extra fees may be applied to skulls with breakage depending on labor to repair.


*We require tags and licensing numbers prior to cleaning.


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